Julius Dulalia

Julius Zeasar Dulalia | Marketing Lead

Julius Zeasar Dulalia

Marketing Lead
Julius Dulalia

Julius Zeasar Dulalia serves as Heyday’s Marketing Lead. Hailing from the Philippines, Julius is a jack-of-all-trades with a diverse professional background. After studying nursing for three years, Julius entered the workforce as a Technical Support Representative in the BPO industry. His thirst for knowledge and new professional adventures couldn’t be quenched, however, and he returned to school to earn a degree in Information Technology.

Julius is a professional with extensive experience in investment, IT, digital marketing, and social media management. When Julius is not working, he enjoys hitting the road with his motorcycle and exploring all of the attractions that the Philippines has to offer. When he is not out and about, you can find him playing video games or playing with his beloved dog, Unko.

Like his friends and colleagues at Heyday, Julius is an adventurer, with a deep passion for learning, exploration, and serving others. Whether working on the next big project or taking a break to enjoy some leisure time, Julius is always living life to the fullest.

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We are here to help those affected by the severe storms that passed through Central Texas last night. Please reach out if you're in need of any vendor recommendations, and beware of storm chasers in your neighborhood who will be looking to sell you services that you might not need.
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CURRENT listings courtesy of The Heyday Group! DM us to learn more.
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Thank you to all of our special clients who made our pickle ball event a huge success this past weekend! The sun came out just in time for everyone to enjoy a fun pickle ball day complete with snacks and wine, a raffle, and a good time all around. Special should out to @5soulwineco for hosting us!
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