Summer is in full swing! I hope that you enjoyed the long holiday weekend and are finding time for road trips, adventures with friends and family, and as much time near water as you can. 
I am asked about what’s happening with the market on a daily basis. The headlines don’t paint an accurate picture of current market conditions, so I thought I’d share my own experience with you. 
A few facts:
* The Austin area real estate market experienced a shift in May. It was sudden, and it’s taken buyers and sellers about 6 weeks to adjust to the current conditions. 
* Inventory is up and continues to rise. The number of homes actively listed is rising and is certainly more than we’ve seen in a 2-year period. However, our housing inventory is still lower than what is considered to be a “balanced” market. The data shows that we are still very much in a seller’s market.
* Interest rates are rising but are still relatively low. There’s no doubt that rising rates are impacting monthly loan payments, so I’ve been encouraging buyers to look at alternative loan options, including adjustable rate loans, interest only loans, and potentially asking sellers to help buy down the rate. Additionally, many lenders are discussing the option to possibly refinance in a few years when rates might be lower again. 
* Home values are not decreasing. Yes, we are seeing some price reductions in certain areas, but we aren’t seeing overall values decline. Two points here - 1) Buyers have more to choose from and so we’re seeing price adjustments to make a home more appealing to buyers/differentiate it from the competition; and/or 2) We’re seeing price adjustments because sellers initially priced too high based upon what they had heard was happening in the market pre-May. 
* Multiple offers aren’t the norm now but are still happening. Over the last 8 weeks, my experience has been that about 50% of my offers end up in a multiple offer situation. I’m finding that the closer into the city center, the more competitive the market still is. 
* Many buyers had been sitting on the sidelines but are now starting to realize the opportunity they have. The combination of summer travel, buyer fatigue from a competitive market, and rising interest rates have likely been keeping some buyers from actively shopping for homes. But, in the last 2 weeks, I’m starting to feel that buyers realize they have an opportunity to potentially purchase a home with fewer buyers in directly competing with them. Another thing to keep in mind is that the slightly higher interest rates that we’re now seeing may actually be better for buyers than the 15-30% over asking price that was required of many winning offers pre-May. 
As we head into July, I am still convinced that we are in the rarest of markets right now - one in which it’s both a good time to buy and to sell. 
Until next month, wishing you the happiest summer! 
Meredith Alderson + Lisa Harrell

Market Stats & Local News

Austin suburb, Williamson County, 
is expanding into the ultimate 
living destination 

The Vineyard at Florence, a 600-acre lot of land in the tiny town of Florence, first planted its vines in 2007. This beautiful development will soon be home to more than 1,000 residencies - making it the first "residential winery."

As the development process continues, property owner Kris Davis says “the property has gone from a quaint countryside boutique resort to a sophisticated lifestyle venue and community that has far exceeded our expectations.”

Check out this beautiful boutique resort here!
Brent Lewis turns vans into custom tiny homes  on Magnolia Network's "Van Go"

Brett, a native Austinite, was hooked on van life when he completely transformed his first 1983 Vanagon into a fully functioning home on wheels. 

Brett's business customizes vans specifically for the homeowner's or business owner's needs. Now he's showcasing his work on TV!

Check out more of Brett's story here!
The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is expanding

The reconstruction of Austin's International Airport was envisioned in early 2019 with a "2040 Masterplan" in the works.
What is set to cost around 4 billion dollars is a 20-year plan that anticipates doubling the current passenger traffic to more than 31 million passengers per year.
The idea is to construct a whole new concourse with at least 10 additional gates - this means there is huge potential for expanding business(es) including shops and restaurants and even more opportunities to fly around the world. Since its grand opening in 1999, the airport will have flown nearly 11 million passengers per year to over 31 million/year.

Where are you traveling in 2040!?
Check out more details on the airport expansion here
Kid's drawing inspires this Lake Austin treehouse 

Reflecting its entire surrounding, this contemporary Lake Austin treehouse, with floor-to-ceiling views and a floating fireplace, was designed by one homeowner's very own kid. 

Learn more from Austin Home here.

Say Hey!

Lalitha Kasal
Growth Marketing Manager

Lalitha joined The Heyday Group just over 3 months ago. Since stepping into her position, the Heyday Team has been evolving and growing its brand, working collaboratively on future projects and passions, and defining its image in the public eye.

Growing up in a multiethnic, multicultural family (with Indian and Czech parents) in Fort Worth, Texas, Lalitha Kasal developed an early appreciation for diversity and a real passion for people.

At a young age, Lalitha was drawn to creative pursuits and serving others. After completing high school, she attended Rollins College, where she received her BA in Performing Arts and Spanish. Upon completing her undergraduate studies, Lalitha returned to Fort Worth to put her trans-disciplinary training at Rollins to good use – working as an actor, model, photographer, content creator, and personal trainer.

Lalitha’s experience as a personal trainer and wellness influencer led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Health Education and Health Behavior from the University of Texas at Austin. While there, she further honed her skills as a communicator and marketer and developed a love for Austin – deciding after graduation to make this great city her new home.

Seeking a role that would allow her to fully harness her diverse interests, experiences, and expertise, Lalitha jumped at the opportunity to join a different kind of real estate team – one that shares her commitment to helping people and communities find their shine. As Heyday’s Growth Manager, Lalitha leads the team’s marketing and communication efforts – empowering the company, its agents, and its partners to stand apart and matter.

When she’s not at Heyday, you can find Lalitha hiking Austin’s great trails, enjoying the City’s vibrant food, drink, and entertainment scenes with her partner, Marc, and working on her real estate license.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up not far from Austin in good ol' Fort Worth.
What made you interested in real estate?
I always had an eye and passion for design and architecture. At a young age, I thought I might become an interior designer, which now translates into hundreds of mood boards and photography. In college, I designed a lot of stage sets, which opened the door for housing architecture. I enjoy working with people and bringing to life the image someone has in his or her head - real estate does just that.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Austin?
Choosing a favorite restaurant is like asking me to not pet a dog walking by. Impossible! But, there are a few current go-to restaurants I love going to with my boyfriend or close friends - Honeymoon Spirit Lounge, Ani's Day & Night (more of a cocktail and food truck location - super cool!), and Hestia! Of course, we also love Uchi.

What genre(s) of music do you like to listen to?
I listen to almost every genre of music. It honestly depends on the mood I am in or what I'm doing!

What other hobbies do you have outside of being a star member at Heyday!?
Outside of Heyday, I love going on hikes, cooking, photography, and acting. These are some of my favorite ways to express myself.

Where is your favorite place you've ever traveled to? Do you have a destination on your Bucket List?
Like food, choosing a favorite travel destination is hard! I love Europe. I've been dying to go to Australia, specifically Byron, Gold Coast, and Sydney. I also want to visit African countries like Nigeria and Ethiopia!

If you had one superpower, what would it be?
I would be able to transport you! I could also bring anyone with me. Ha! I want to be able to travel the world at any given moment or to see one of my family members whenever I'm missing them. 

What is your favorite thing about the Heyday group?
The Heyday group quickly became my second home. There is a light, passion, and respect here that you don't find very often. I love working with a group of people who support one another in all of their endeavors. Plus, you'll never go a day without a little laughter when you're here!

We look forward to what the future holds - thank you for choosing Heyday!

Community Spotlight

Austin Housing Conservancy & Affordable Central Texas: Their Mission

Heyday’s deep commitment to our team, clients, and partners extends to our communities, as well. Heyday Gives, our corporate social responsibility program, is focused on addressing housing affordability for essential workers and their families in the communities that we proudly serve and call home. Heyday has selected Affordable Central Texas (ACT) as Heyday Give’s exclusive Charity of Choice.

Recently, the Austin Business Journal wrote about ACT & Austin Housing Conservancy, articulating the impact investors can on affordable housing in Austin, TX. It is evident that affordable housing is an issue - the conservancy "bridges an investor's focus of getting an investment return while also allowing them to make an impact on the community [and it's economic health]." This fund aims to help those who do not fall under traditional housing affordability programs (supported by the government). While ACT focuses on raising funds and managing affordable housing communities, it also provides the property residents with courses on financial literacy and healthy eating - making this conservancy like no other.

Affordable Central Texas Mission Statement:
"Affordable Central Texas, in conjunction with Austin Housing Conservancy, works to ensure Austin’s workforce can afford to live in greater Austin by building a scalable social impact fund aimed at preserving well located multi-family apartment properties for long-term affordability as well as providing programs to build community and improve resident outcomes."

To learn more about ACT, visit here.
To read the article in ABJ, visit

Two Austin Chefs emerge victorious in the James Beard Awards 2022

The James Beard Awards annually recognizes exceptional talent and achievements in the culinary arts, hospitality, media, and broader food system, as well as demonstrated commitment to racial and gender equity, community, sustainability, and a culture where all can thrive (James Beard Foundation). Chicago was finally able to host the James Beard Awards   since the pandemic hiatus. Austin showed up!

The award Rising Star Chef of the Year, now called Emerging Chef of the Year, was given to Edgar Rico, chef and co-owner of Nixta Taqueria.

Following Rico, Iliana de la Vega, chef and owner of El Naranjo, received the first ever Best Chef James Beard Award in the Texas category. Tiffany Derry of Roots Chicken Shack in Austin was also nominated in this category.

Learn more about these award-winning chefs and visit their restaurants here.

Austin Annual Float Fest
July 23rd - July 24th @ 2:00pm

Austin is the only city in the world that combines the Texas tradition of floating the river with live music. This year, headliners include Marshmello, Vampire Weekend, Cage the Elephant, Deadmau5, Chance the Rapper, Lord Huron, Chvrches, Kaytrandada, Quinn XCII, 100 Gecs & Pusha T. 


Jul 23, 2022, 2:00 pm
Jul 24, 2022, 2:00 pm

Float Fest
1 County Rd. 197
Gonzales, TX 78629

Find out more here.

Your Guide to Summer Hotel Pool Passes in Austin

There's nothing quite like a hot summer in Austin, lounging by the pool with a homemade margarita in hand. Or perhaps, you find yourself sitting poolside, reading a book, watching your family play in the water. 

Don't have a pool? Looking to change up your scene and be social? Austin is full of locations where you can buy day passes for a poolside get together!

Check out the list here.
The Thicket has become Austin's premiere food truck park

"From superb Taiwanese to picture perfect al pastor, the South East Austin space is knocking it out of the park." 
- Austin Monthly 

In 2015, Adam Diaz, a horticulturalist, launched The Thicket after transforming his nursery into his dream hum. Diaz dreamed of opening a space that would bring the community together. At The Thicket you can find food trucks, community gardens, yoga classes and music - There's always something to do or somewhere to go! The Thicket has quickly become one of Austin's favorite hangout spots!

Read more about Diaz's dream and check out some of the local vendors here!

Home Design

Soak up the sun with these 2022 Summer Trends!

HGTV inspired us with a few tips & tricks to liven your space for the summer. We're here for it!
1) Be inspired by the sun - had some juicy colors that incorporate the palettes from a sunrise or sunset
2) Be bold by adding pops of blue or contrasting colors to bring more light to those sunny touches
3) Happy hues, happy vibes! Think toned down yet vibrate neutrals.
4) Enjoy a tropical escape - palms are in!

The list goes on! 
Find out more 2022 Design Trends from HGTV here.

Summer Savings

Tips & tricks to save energy this summer and lower your electric bill

- Raise your thermostat about 4° and utilize ceiling fans (78° is a good temperature to aim for while maintaining comfort in your home)
- Prevent hot air from sneaking in by making sure your doors, windows and floor boards are sealed shut
- Take cooler showers and baths; use the bathroom air vent to remove heat and humidity (plus, double check any leaky faucets)
- Power down and save by unplugging electronics, lamps, kitchen appliances, etc. (even shut down, outlets still utilize energy)
- Turn down the water heater temperature, especially if you are traveling for vacation
- Apply curtains or blinds to windows in your home, specifically windows with sun exposure (enjoy the natural light that comes through the shady side of your home)
- Avoid using appliances that create heat (summer is a great time to line dry your clothes)
- Check your indoor or outdoor air conditioning units for debris or any blockage to ensure efficiency; double check the air filter
- Set pool pups either early in the morning or late at night
- Don't use the dishwasher until you have a full load
- Change out your light bulbs (LED lights are more energy efficient)

Email us at for any questions

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