Testimonial – Meredith (Jen S.)

We feel incredibly lucky to have been introduced to Meredith. We are first time home buyers who moved to Austin from out of town, shortly after having a new baby. Given the circumstances of our move, this could have been an extremely stressful process for us, but Meredith made it so manageable. From the beginning, it was clear that she understood our priorities and preferences, and that was so helpful to us, especially since we couldn’t be here to see everything in person. She was always available to see properties, offer input, answer our questions, and guide us through the process. We never felt pressured to go in a direction that wasn’t comfortable for us and always felt like we were given honest and valuable feedback that helped us guide our decisions. We were amazed that despite how many clients she juggles, she was somehow always available and gave us such undivided attention. She truly went above and beyond, not just to help us find our perfect home, but also to look out for us throughout the process. Since our closing, she has continued to check in and had excellent referrals for designers and contractors to help us make our new house our home. We highly recommend Meredith!