Testimonial – Meredith (Karolina F.)

MEREDITH GOT US 5 OFFERS ON OUR HOUSE (ALL ABOVE ASKING) WITHIN 48 HOURS OF LISTING!! There are many negative stereotypes of real estate agents, and Meredith fits none of them. After having mediocre (and even negative) experiences working with other real estate agents in the past, Meredith was truly a breath of fresh air. She’s incredibly helpful, never pushy, and obviously cares about her clients. As soon as we made the decision to sell, Meredith made herself available immediately and got to work on doing everything she could to get us ready for sale. I had pretty low expectations for the process, but Meredith went above and beyond, offering her full support along the way. It was clear that she was totally in control over the entire process, that she was incredibly experienced, and that she was going to help do what was best for us. And even though our home was on the “cheaper” end of Austin realty, Meredith treated us like we were her one and only clients. I would recommend her 100%!