Taylor – Samantha

I am so grateful for Taylor’s assistance in finding me a home. Steals do not stay posted for long but Taylor was always one-step ahead of postings and eager to find me exactly what I was looking for. She was incredibly patient and took the time to show me all varieties of homes in different parts of town. When it came to crunch time, she was able to help me narrow down exactly what I was looking for- a safe condo downtown… for an affordable price. When what I was looking for wasn’t available, she went beyond expectation and reached out to contacts to find out if anywhere fitting my qualifications would available in the near future (thanks to this, I was able to close just before my last lease ended- perfect timing). On top of evverything, Taylor was available just about any time I needed assistance. It is clear that she really enjoys her job and cares about her clients, I can’t rave about her or thank her enough for all her help!