Lalitha Kasal

Lalitha Kasal | Growth Marketing Manager

Lalitha Kasal

Growth Marketing Manager

Growing up in a multiethnic, multicultural family (with Indian and Czech parents) in Fort Worth, Texas, Lalitha Kasal developed an early appreciation for diversity and a real passion for people.

At a young age, Lalitha was drawn to creative pursuits and serving others. After completing high school, she attended Rollins College, where she received her BA in Performing Arts and Spanish. Upon completing her undergraduate studies, Lalitha returned to Fort Worth to put her trans-disciplinary training at Rollins to good use – working as an actor, model, photographer, content creator, and personal trainer.

Lalitha’s experience as a personal trainer and wellness influencer led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Health Education and Health Behavior from the University of Texas at Austin. While there, she further honed her skills as a communicator and marketer and developed a love for Austin – deciding after graduation to make this great city her new home.

Seeking a role that would allow her to fully harness her diverse interests, experiences, and expertise, Lalitha jumped at the opportunity to join a different kind of real estate team – one that shares her commitment to helping people and communities find their shine. As Heyday’s Growth Manager, Lalitha leads the team’s marketing and communication efforts – empowering the company, its agents, and its partners to stand apart and matter.

When she’s not at Heyday, you can find Lalitha hiking Austin’s great trails, enjoying the City’s vibrant food, drink, and entertainment scenes with her partner, Marc, and working on her real estate license.

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