Heather – M. Li

Heather is an outstanding agent, and I wholeheartedly recommend her. She consistently goes the extra mile to facilitate our transition from LA to Austin. During our 3-4 days of house hunting, she attentively listened to our requirements and personalized our search accordingly. Heather’s flexibility, superb communication, punctuality, and overall professionalism made our weekend viewings possible. We saw several remarkable places that perfectly matched our needs, thanks to her dedication and expertise.

Moreover, Heather proved to be an invaluable resource when it came to understanding the neighborhoods. She provided us with insightful recommendations about various areas, allowing us to truly grasp what Austin has to offer. Her creative design ideas breathed life into the places we considered, and her guidance on pricing was invaluable. Heather also excelled in liaising between us and the homeowners, effectively conveying our questions and concerns. Her comprehensive support made our transition seamless and enjoyable.